Monday, January 18, 2010


A “Go with God” moment


Epiphany. That is the time of the Church calendar that we are currently celebrating. Epiphany (comes from Greek epiphaneia) which means “appearance” or “make known.” It’s the time period, post-Christmas, when we focus upon the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. This sacred time will continue until we meet Lent on Ash Wednesday (Feb 17th).

Practically speaking, it is also the time of year as the days get longer and the darkness of night begins to recess. Simply, the light shines in the darkness with more regularity. So, at this time of the semester, how do we take advantage of just such as intersection of the sacred calendar with our own practical search for spiritual truth. Can you say, Spring Summit? This is when we intentionally schedule to see the manifestation of God in our often over-busy lives. Obviously , God showing up can never be forced…but I sincerely believe He can be prepared for. How???

·         When we take time to visit the manger like the travel-weary magi (Matt 2). What did they sacrifice to come to the Christ-child?

·         When in awesome wonder, we listen to the angelic chorus singing to the shepherds (Luke 2).

·         When we, alongside of Mary, “ponder” the revelation of Jesus and treasure them in our hearts (Luke 1 & 2).

·         When we cease the truth of the battle tested Son of God who overcomes temptations in the wilderness (Mark 1, Matt 4, Luke 4). His victory makes way for yours.

·         When we drink deeply at the fountain of Jesus’ first sermon of Jesus in Nazareth. Read, if you will Luke 4:19-19 to hear Jesus’ life verses.


I could go on and on about the opening chapters of the Gospels. But let me simply list a few common sense thoughts about finding the Light of the World this week:

1.       Go to the place where you expect to meet Him. Yes, I know that God is everywhere. But there are times and places where He makes Himself known more profoundly (Epiphany). The week it will be in the Chapel.

2.       Have patience. Simeon and Anna waited at the Temple for years to simply catch a glimpse of the Messiah (Luke 2). How long will you wait? Must He come Monday, or will you wait 1-2-3 days?

3.       Make time for God to “invade” your life and personal world. Do you desire (demand?) an instant spiritual high or would you allow Him to begin a steady transformation in your heart? Will you allow your reshaping to be done on His timetable? Will you allow it to include struggle and self-denial? Are you willing to pay the price.

4.       Say “Yes” to His Revelation, in advance of your knowledge of His Revelation. (Please re-read that sentence). Our natural inclination is to listen for His voice…and then decide if we like what we hear. That practice my friends is un-faithfullness at its most subtle core. Instead, make a decision right now (and I do mean now) that the discovery of God’s will and your obedience is the most wonderful adventure you could ever imagine. Simply say, “Yes” and I promise you that God’s voice will be clearer this week than it ever has been in your entire life.


During this Epiphany Summit, walk into Chapel uttering this prayer,


At this holy hour

I come to this sacred place

I will seek You with all I have

I will tarry for as long as necessary

To be molded into Your Image

First, make known to me Yourself

Then, Your will for me

I say Yes to You, even before I know.



Now, Go with God

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