Sunday, December 6, 2009

Keep Your Degree in a Global Perspective

A Go with God Moment;


I recently received a letter from the Chancellor of Durham University (my alma mater; and Dr. Schenck’s as well). In it he helped me put what we do here at IWU in a global perspective. He referred to a Stanford University study where the entire earth was reduced to the imagery of a village of 100 people, but the study keeps the numbers in correct proportions. In this village,

80 percent would be very poor;

70 would be illiterate,

50 would be chronically malnourished.

6 people would control 66 percent of the wealth.

The part that hit home with me was that in this village, only 1 person would hold a university degree.


Some of you will receive your diplomas in less than two weeks. I know you have thought often about all the hard work you have invested in earning your degree. BUT, have you thought about the global responsibility of what you will receive? Yes, I know that here in the United States your degree has a certain value for an earning potential.


But would you please see yourself as part of our global community. And with such a vision, let me ask just a few probing questions.

·         What actions or what decisions would you make if you were the only one in town who had a University degree?

·         What if only you had the knowledge and the skills with assist this village to provide for its own economy and for its spiritual awakening?

What if someone asked for your help? Like the person who placed you here at IWU; like the person who placed you here in the US, like the person who placed you with your family. You know I talking about the Lord. He has enabled and empowered you from the day of your first breath. What if you were the only person available? Would you say, “Yes.”


And with this being Advent season, let’s keep in mind that when Jesus was the only one in the village who could come and teach us; He came. If we know, “What would Jesus do”…what about us?


May we find our stories to wondrously intersect with Your grander story.
May we find the Advent season to be the incarnation of God’s Story.
May we see Jesus’ story as the place where God’s new exodus begins;
May He start with us.


Now, Go with God


There are many joys I have being the associate dean of the School of Theology and Ministry but nothing compares to announcing the names of students that have been awarded scholarships. This year, the recipients of the Williams Scholarship to Israel are:

1.      Tyler Klein

2.      Kearsten Karrick

3.      Kelly Jones

4.      Andrea Fetterhoff

If you see them, congratulate them. They will be traveling with Dr. Williams to Israel this spring break or during early May. Even more so, let’s give thanks to the people who make this and all the other scholarships possible. Their sacrifice is our gain. For many students, it is the only way they can afford an IWU education. Ultimately, thanks be to God!